Month: December 2014

Slurp Away @ Eat Meee


Spicy food lovers rejoice! If there’s anything we love more than desserts…it would be spicy food. Satisfy your wildest food cravings (and beyond) at the newest noodle joint in town, Eat Meee, without burning a hole in your pocket.


From classic Nyonya curry noodles and tangy Tom Yum to mouthwatering chicken bites and refreshing pandan juice, we felt as if we were taking a bite at a famous food street, sans the noise and traffic jams.

The best part? Eat Meee has two serving portions: Snack & Regular, so you can drop by for those in between moments such as a quick brunch or snack.


Handmade and springy, the crowd favourite Nyonya Delight is served in a piping hot broth with shredded chicken, tofu pok and sambal. According to Eat Meee founder Timothy Tan, the noodles are prepared with quality ingredients based on a treasured family recipe from his uncle.


We love how the thick noodles and chewy shredded chicken complemented the coconut-infused soup, which is generously spiced with chilis and belacan.


For sweet & sour enthusiasts, the Tom Yum noodles are right up your alley. Served with mushrooms, shredded chicken, coriander and springy noodles, you’ll be slurping your way to spice heaven in no time. We wolfed this down and could hardly resist the urge to drink all the soup (straight from the bowl a la typical noodle-lover style).


If you can’t live without dry chili flakes, give Eat Meee’s Dry Chili Noodles a taste! Mixed with slightly spicy chili flakes & sesame powder (blended with fresh sesame seeds), the noodles are fragrant and tasted wonderfully like home.


Not in the mood for noodles? Eat Meee’s selection of snacks are certainly worth a try. Get crunching with the yummy Chicken Bites or opt for a sweeter treat with the Golden Sesame Balls.


If the spice is getting too hot to handle, we recommend the fragrant Pandan Juice and Lemongrass Juice, priced at a very reasonable price of RM2.90 per cup. Forget coffees…go natural with the delightfully addictive pandan juice!


Tempted? Hop on the bandwagon & get slurping at Eat Meee with their newly launched set meals, priced at an affordable RM10.50 for regular noodles, a snack & drink!

Set Meal Poster-02

Located at F1.AV.135.

Bricksmore – A Lego Haven!


“Everything is awesome!”

If you identified with that phrase (and catchy song), you might be in for a treat. Tucked away in Asian Avenue, Bricksmore is truly a gem to be discovered for all Lego enthusiasts. With over 100 types of LEGO products, the store caters to all.


Whether you’re a die hard Lego fan or a beginner, beware! For by stepping into the store, you might be inspired to put those fingers and building skills to use.

Bryan, the owner of Bricksmore, was kind enough to show us around the store & introduce some of his personal favourites.



We were particularly drawn to this Star Wars Death Star boxed set which has over 3800+ pieces to construct your very own space station. You don’t even have to travel to another galaxy for this!


The best part? It comes with an entire cast of Star Wars characters, perfect for reenacting your favourite scenes over supper and teh tarik. We couldn’t get over the mini lightsabers!


If you’re a fan of the popular sitcom ‘The Simpsons‘, you might like this boxed set with it’s own Simpsons characters AND furniture! Suitable for ages 12+.

DSC01561 ???????????????????????????????

Somehow, the creators in us were fascinated by the ‘Creator’ series, cleverly designed for the imaginative (and fickle). Suitable for ages 7 and above, this series allows you to design and recreate your own set in up to 3 different ways!


“Honey, I’m home!”

The creator series is one of the most popular sets in Bricksmore, especially among the younger crowd and collectors. When Bryan showed us the back of the box, we had to resist ourselves from rearranging the model pieces to form an entirely new set. We were also impressed by the detail on each Lego piece, right down to the expressions on the characters’ faces.

DSC01608 DSC01617

Time to bring out the big guns: Bryan beamed with excitement when he brought out the Lego Technic Limited Edition 4×4 Crawler Set, one most sought-after Limited Edition sets, with only 20,000 available worldwide!


Some of the key features include a fully-functional remote control, functional doors, and it’s own unique number plate!

DSC01627 DSC01637DSC01662

Needless to say, we left feeling rather inspired to add a few items into our Christmas wishlist. There’s something about Lego that opens up a world of possibilities, waiting to be explored.

If you would to get up close & personal with these Lego sets, do make your way to Bricksmore, Sunway Pyramid! Exclusive member discounts & deals await you.

Located at F1.AV.162.