Top 10 Meals under RM10 in Sunway Pyramid

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right. In view of the recent GST implementation, our ravenous Malaysian appetites remain the same, yet we have to inevitably tighten our belts to save some precious moolah.

With that in mind, the Pyramid ‘What’s for lunch?’ team decided to scour the mall for the best deals in under RM10, GST inclusive!

Ah Cheng Laksa Pan Mee

  1. Ah Cheng Laksa Pan Mee | RM8.90
    Known for their thick and spicy Asam Laksa, Ah Cheng Laksa is tucked away in the heart of Asian Avenue, dishing up local soupy delights at reasonable prices.

    Take a break from the spice and try their piping hot Pan Mee, served with crunchy anchovies or ikan bilis, boiled black fungus, fresh potato leaves and springy handmade noodles.


  2. Capricciosa Italian Herb Chicken Sausages | RM6.36
    Jumping on the GST promotion bandwagon, Capricciosa rolled out their new ‘Great Saving Treats’ menu at a ‘Wah, really ah?’, too-good-to-be-true price of RM6!

    The Italian Herb Sausages were generously drizzled with cheese and served with a side of mayonnaise. You can also opt for their 9″ Margherita Pizza or Mediterranean Salad.Click here for the full menu.EatMeee2

  3. Eat Meee Nyonya Delight | RM7.00
    If noodles are more your ‘thing’, Eat Meee has a selection of savoury and spicy noodles at reasonable prices. Slurp away at their specialty Nyonya Delight curry noodles on a rainy afternoon or dig into some fiery Tom Yum for maximum KICK!

    Read our full review here.


  4. Kimdo BBQ Lou Shu Fun | RM9.40
    We never knew that Lou Shu Fun or ‘Rat-tailed noodles’ could taste so good. Even when drenched in a cloudy, fragrant broth with flavourful minced meat, pillowy shitake mushrooms and crunchy shallots, the noodles stole the show.

    Might we add – if you have a few bucks to spare – the BBQ Chicken Wings are to die for!


  5. Mega Lanes Cafe Nasi Lemak | RM7.40
    Presenting…Sunway Pyramid’s best kept secret, the Mega Lanes Cafe on First Floor (next to the Bowling Alley).Dishing up local favourite like nasi lemak, roasted or steamed chicken rice, mee goreng, cantonese style mee hoon and more, this is THE place to get your money’s worth.

    Prices start from as low as RM3-4 for sandwiches. Spread the word!


  6. Porridge Time Teng Chai Porridge* | RM7.42
    Craving for a warm, comforting bowl of porridge? We’ve got you covered. Porridge Time serves up a variety of Malaysian porridge favourites topped with salted egg and shredded chicken, minced pork, fish slices or salted peanuts.They also offer noodles and other side dishes such as the deep fried devils or ‘You Tiao’, stir fried vegetables and more. *Non-halal.


  7. Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks Oyster Mee Sua | RM7.95
    We smell something fishy…in this Mee Sua! Oh wait, it’s probably the succulent oysters and yummy thick broth with oyster sauce. If this doesn’t put you on a see seafood diet, we don’t know what will.thumb_600
  8. Sam Kan Chong 3JC in Sauce + Soup + Mixed Vege* | RM9.20
    Whether you like it dry or saucy, Sam Kam Chong or 3JC dishes up value-for-money set meals all year round.Choose from their signature 3JC rice or noodles in Sauce or Soup, served with Taiwan sausages, minced meat and pork balls.*Non-halal.

    Ichiban Ramen

  9. Ichiban Ramen Kimchi Fried Rice | RM8.50
    If you’re up for a Japanese affair, Ichiban Ramen is right up your alley. This hearty plate of Kimchi Fried Rice will fire up your engines and keep you satiated for a couple of hours.

    They also serve a variety of Ramen, Donburi, Teppanyaki and more.

    Penang Rd Teochew Cendol 3

  10. Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol Assam Laksa | RM9.43
    As much as we love road trips, ain’t nobody got time to travel 3 hours North for a bowl of Assam Laksa. And that’s why you should give this a whirl!Get ready for an awesome explosion of flavour, from sweet to tangy to salty and downright epic! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. *wink*

What are you waiting for? Get chomping now! 🙂

Disclaimer: Prices displayed are inclusive of 6% GST as of 15 April 2015.
Not inclusive of additional service charges. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Meals under RM10 in Sunway Pyramid

  1. Alternatively head for Arena foodcourt on LG2 (next to Aeon’s cashiers) for nasi lemak, mixed rice, cantonese food, Tom yam, vegetarian, sizzling and claypot, sushi, delicatessen, fresh pizza, drinks and dessert and so much more. Meals all average to RM8-10 only! Locals are all eating there.

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