Month: January 2013

Let us Show U how!

So you think Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar is all about smoothies?Well..think again!

There’s more to this than meets the eye 🙂

We bet that one of your resolutions this year (err…maybe every year?) is to eat more healthily, and so, if you still haven’t started on it yet, now it’s the time!

There are plenty of great, healthy offerings from Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar for you! Since one of us is really a health-freak (, their mouth-watering dishes were just too hard for her to resist, and let us tell you why.

By the way, this ‘I-only-eat-healthy-food’ friend ended up with 3/4 of the sandwich, a huge plate of the salad, before finally washing them down with 2 glasses of smoothies. NICE!

Great thing about Show U Café  Bar is that it uses only the freshest fruits and vegetables – as evident in their Fruitilicious Salad. (as shown below).

This is seriously yummy!!

It combines the sweetness of strawberries, kiwis, mangoes and baby tomatoes (by the way, did you know that tomatoes are actually fruits, NOT vegetables?) with some fresh, leafy greens. To top it off, the salad is showered with a fruity plum sauce – which we were told was made from a safe-guarded, secret recipe. Several attempts to dig for the recipe proved to be futile, so we gave up and just ate.. 🙂

Mouthful Sandwich!

Do some layers of chicken meat, chicken ham, egg, greens, cheese, caramelised onions sound good to you?  We absolutely adored  the Perfect Ten sandwich, because it was sooooo…err..perfect!

It was filling, easy to digest, just nice for a quick, easy bite but could still give you the necessary nutrients of protein and carbs. With no intention to sound all ‘health-preachy’, this was definitely a complete meal on its own. Try it for yourself, and see whether Perfect Ten lives up to its name, or otherwise..

Oh-so-smooth smoothies!

Hang on for just a sec..before we move on to the next dish, let’s take a sip off the excellent smoothies, shall we?

Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar has a lot of secrets, that’s for sure. Besides guarding their precious plum sauce recipe down to a T, they have their own signature health potions, made of natural fibers, prebiotic, phytonutrients and enzyme – which are then added into the blend of their healthy smoothies.

Let’s see..we tried the Kiwi Tango, Orange Paradise and Berry Fury, and…well..they left us speechless for a few minutes..why, you might ask?

First, it was the brain freeze..
Note to self: don’t swallow any cold drinks at one long slurp.
Second, that one long slurp took us to a frenzy, and why not, since the Orange Paradise is filled with Vitamin A, B and C plus flavanoids to help boost the immune system and improves vitality, Berry Fury is awesome with its antioxidant fringe benefit, while the Kiwi Tango has some mango bits that are excellent in antioxidant profile of Vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids and minerals as well as enzymes to help fight free radicals in our bodies and aid in digestion.

See…?All to help you achieve that GLOW!

Carbs alert!

The Marine Carbo is created just for you, seafood fans. The creamy, white sauce didn’t leave that squeamish taste in our throats, which was great, coz usually the thick sauce tend to do that. The dish could definitely do with a lot more seafood though, coz we were actually fighting each other off for the prawns and cuttlefish, than the pasta itself!

So like we said earlier, Show U Café Bar offers a whole lot of healthy dishes to aid your digestive system, having a list of food range which has extraordinary cleansing and regenerating effect on the entire body.

Yes, at some point we’re all guilty  for putting a lot of rich, calorific food and alcohol into our body, which bound to leave us  feeling sluggish, lethargic, bloated, discomfort and quite often, a few (OK..a lot!!) kilos heavier.

Try the Easy Smoothies range for detoxing, and start to eat more healthily from now on, and get your 2013 resolution to eat more healthily done once and for all!

Remember, healthy food and drinks can be yummmmmyyyyy as well!

Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar is located @ LG2 2.77A.


S.O.S Food for Thoughts


Have you ever imagined waking up the next morning without having any food to eat?
Are you guilty of hogging the buffet line and filling every inch of your plate with every single dish on the spread?
Do you eat to live, or live to eat?

So many questions, which require some thoughts to answer.

For those who often take food for granted, spare some thoughts for our…Food for Thoughts.
Food for Thoughts’ is Sunway Pyramid’s S.O.S (which means Some Of Us) effort, in collaboration with Kechara, AEON and Cold Storage, organised for Jumble Station – a community project held for the underprivileged.

You can put the food items into the crates…

Food for Thoughts started from 11 January and will last until 24 February, as we encourage shoppers to put more thoughts into the food they consumed every day and appreciate them.

Take a bite out of hunger and provide better health and nutrition for those in need at the Jumble Station, by contributing non-perishable food items at LG2 in front of Cold Storage and AEON.

Among the much-needed items on the list include instant noodles, instant beverages, oats, milk powder, crackers or biscuits, cooking oil, salt, sugar, pasta and canned food.

Food…for your thoughts…

For your info, Jumble Station is a community outreach initiative aimed to help single parents and the underprivileged children. Founded in August 2007, the idea to start the initiative came from the 3 co-founders, who are Mary Anne Tan, Sanice Yap and Lim Lian See, getting together to organise jumble sales.

Since then, Jumble Station provides support to 80 – 100 families around Klang Valley, Subang Mewah, Cheras and Klang on regular basis, and the help ranges from food items, clothing, home appliances, and even up to job placement opportunities.

Jumble Station is also always on constant lookout for companies which can offer skills that can be passed on to the adults or children for them to utilize the acquired skills in the future. These skills include sewing, opportunity to learn business skills, dancing, using digital camera, computer skills, electrical and wiring skills and many more.

Some if the non-perishable items donated..

Let’s help the Jumble Station to wipe out hunger by donating the food items into the collection crates at:
LG2, in front of Cold Storage and AEON Supermarket
From 11 Jan until 24 Feb 2013.


It’s not just any perfume, it’s Just Parfum!

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”  – says author C. Joybell C.

True that, we say, as wearing the right kind of perfume can boost your confidence – you’ll  feel as if you are walking on cloud nine.

Remember Ally Macbeal and the upbeat songs she listens to in her head while walking to work to keep herself happy?

Yeah, that’s what we meant.

Here’s a shout out for guys out there – Just Parfum has come up with “something blue” for the special ladies in your life: Blue Addiction from Lady Castagnette.

The eye-catching Blue Addiction

Embodying a wonderful fresh floral scent, Blue Addiction will get you so ‘addicted’ to wear it constantly, just as if you walked out of a garden full of blooming flowers!

What’s more, the fancy peacock feather is a rather chic and elegant touch added on to the bottle…and…for those ladies who have their eyes set on accessories, the ornament can actually be removed and used as a fashion accessory – be it a key chain, or attach it to your bag’s zipper.

So guys, now you’ve got more than one gift for the special woman in your life.

But fret not, Just Parfum is not forgetting the guys…they deserve to be pampered with luxurious, masculine scent as well..

And so..for him, there’s the Pour Lui, exclusively created for the charming men in your life. Brimming with the air of freshness of modern aromatic scent, this latest men’s fragrance from Mauboussin, provides a hint of macho-ness, yet maintaining the charismatic sensation.

Why not get him one, and see what a single spray of Pour Lui will do… 🙂

Maubossin’s Pour Lui

Wait..there are more in store..

Like your perfume in a simple, white packaging? Check out Blanc de Courrèges, available in 50ml and 90ml. For a touch of feminity, the White Patchouli is a perfect balance to the fragrances – and FYI – layering your perfume with the same scent of lotion or body wash would prolong the scent a lot longer.

Blanc de courreges
Pure white, pure innocence

Ladies…isn’t it so much fun being a woman? We have soooo many fragrances to choose from, don’t we? Feeling both glamourous and delicate at the same time? Then try dabbing on some Lulu ROSE, with its amber and woody notes that bring out its warmth and sensuality.

Oozing with sensuality
Oozing with sensuality

Call it vintage, retro, or even classic – the Fruit de Bois is an understated masterpiece of quality and standard. It’s woody scent will bring you to a nostalgic past when things were much easier and less complicated.

Yeap – we dab this on most often 🙂

Vintage piece
Vintage piece

For those who don’t know, here are some tips before you wear a stronger fragrance, such as an eau de parfum or a parfum classic:

1. Only dab perfume on your wrists and throat, as these are the pulse points on your body where your blood flows the strongest and the skin is the warmest.

2. Let’s say you wanted to wear an eau de toilette or an eau de cologne, you can also apply some behind your ears, on your chest, inside your elbows, and behind your knees. They work wonders in ‘spreading’ the scent around.. 🙂

3. If you’re more of a perfume-lover, spray it from a distance of five or six inches, depending on the concetration of the scent. Let us remind you though..the stronger the scent is, the further back you should hold the bottle.

4. You might think rubbing the perfume onto your skin will do it justice…NO!! Avoid that, as this practice damages the chemicals and changes the balance of the scent.

What you should do instead, is just simply spray a small amount onto your skin and let it dry naturally.

So don’t wait – exclusively for a short period, receive a gift when you “LIKE” the JustParfumMalaysia page on Facebook.

BUT…the offer is only limited to:

First come, first serve basis…
While stocks last AND
it is only one gift per LIKE per NEW customer 🙂

Just Parfum is located at LG1.115 in Sunway Pyramid.

STORMing its way in, with style!

Did you know that STORM is the only recognised British watch brand in the market today?

Call it fate, or just coincidence, but just so happened one of us ‘needed’ another watch to add to her ever-growing watch set.

So when we heard that STORM has opened under our roof, we couldn’t wait to STORM (pun intended) our way to the outlet, you know, to keep our watch-crazy friend company.

But then, upon setting our eyes on the collections, it was sooooo hard to resist the temptations to try a few watches on. After all, what harm can it do, right?

One of us girls, who is always so fond of those big, guy-type watches was instantly hooked on the STORM Special Edition Solar watch. What’s not to adore, with features like the striking green LED clock hands, streamlined steel racing stripe strap, and water resistance to 50m.

It kinda look like those watches worn when you’re about to be sent off to outer-space, and you’d get the whole vibe when you’re at the outlet – the whole outlook and design of the place looked really high-tech.

ImageThe Solar-looking Slate



Talking about high-tech stuff, gadget lovers will probably like the STORM Remex. With its unconventional clock-face features a sleek glass cover, complete with an unusual rotating disc dial detail for a futuristic twist, we felt like Captain Kirk about to be beamed up to the Starship Enterprise by Scotty.

Fans of Star Trek will understand what we meant…  🙂

And the sophisticated, lady-like ones like some of us would be in love with the Alexa, with its classic slim linked strap and the bold clock-face adorned with angled raised cut glass.

ImageThe stylish Alexa

Other collections include:

Mini LazerAqua
Pixie, White and Pink Aquatrio

The ever so charming staff was really patient entertaining to our requests to “can we try this…can we try that..?” requests. So when we saw that STORM not only has watches, but there were also some awesome-ly stylish fashion accessories, we went all ga-ga over them.

Look at them, and drool….

ImageThe bling-bling Crystal Collection


ImageThe macho Quin bracelet and necklace

The Quin collection is contemporary…

The Quin collection is masculine…

The Quin collection fits real men.

So in the end, one of us bought the Solar, one got herself the Crystal bling-bling, and the other was still contemplating on whether to get the Quin bracelet for her guy or not.

We say…buy it!!

STORM outlet is located in Sunway Pyramid at G1.95.

S.O.S Pine of Hope contributions benefit Homes and Society

The mall helps underprivileged children with contributions from the efforts

Sunway Pyramid prides itself in being a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience for everyone, spreading loving messages through performing kind acts and good deeds. Throughout the Christmas period, the mall encouraged shoppers to contribute and donate to City Revival Children’s Homes and StART Society – 2 community projects set for the betterment of underprivileged children.

For the Enthralling Christmas’ Some Of uS (S.O.S) efforts, Sunway Pyramid presented the wonderful Pine of Hope, located at the Water Feature Area on Ground Floor, decorated with Christmas stockings, headgears, teddy bears and other ornaments. Shoppers could buy anything they liked on the Pine of Hope, and all proceed would be channelled to the underprivileged children.

Great dance buskers!

A team of Christmas buskers had also entertained shoppers at the LG1 Pyramid Concourse and Ground Floor Water Feature Area during selected weekends in December 2012. Not only there were talented performers carrying out some cool dance moves and belting out melodious musical tunes, there were also artists sketching some drawings and portraits to shoppers’ delights.

An impressive total of RM20,000 was collected during the Pine of Hope and Christmas Busking period, and the generous sum was divided equally between City Revival Children’s Homes and StART Society.

Christine Alphonse (StART Society PR & Event Manager), Peggy Ng (StART Society Administrator / Art teacher), Joshua Lee (StART SOciety Programme Director) Loo Hoey Theen (Sunway Pyramid Senior Manager – Marketing) and Sunway Pyramid staff holding the replica of the cheque.

“We are extremely gratified to be able to contribute to both StART Society and City Revival Children’s Homes, just in time during the festivity. We truly hope that the contribution can benefit the children in realising their potentials and abilities, and in achieving a greater quality of life,” says Phang Sau Lian, Director of Marketing for Sunway Pyramid.

The cheque of RM10,000 each was received by Joshua Lee, the Programme Director of StART Society and Kong Keng Piew, one of the management committees for City Revival Children’s Homes.

On top of the cheque, Sunway Pyramid also provided some art supplies and stationeries, and joined in the fun of colouring and decorating some coin banks with the children from the City Revival Children’s Homes. The joyous evening ended with some light snack courtesy of Mr Siew Bao and MBG fruits.


Sunway Pyramid Senior Manager Loo Hoey Theen (7th from left) holding the replica of the cheque with Kong Keng Piew, one of the management committees for City Revival Children’s Homes (4th from right) along with the rest of Sunway Pyramid staff, CRC caretakers and children.

“The children will certainly benefit a lot with this contribution, not only academically but also for their recreational activities. We are now able to buy books and study materials for them, besides taking them on more educational field trips,” says Kong.

The City Revival Children’s (CRC) Homes consisted of 2 homes, the CRC (Boys) Home and CRC (Girls) Home, providing care for some underprivileged children around Subang Jaya.

City Revival Children painting their coin bankssee how talented they are?

Up until today, 17 children are living in the Homes, and some include those who come from violent family background, being abused and placed under child protection, whose parents are unable to provide for them financially and those in need of special care for their disabilities.

A non-profit charity organisation, StART Society catered to serve the underprivileged children within the community, by providing free music, drama, art, craft, dance, speech and life skill lessons. A team of teachers is set to help these children to discover and develop their natural talents, setting the learning environment by providing the children with hands-on exposure and practice.

Some of the children with their decorated coin bankshappy faces everyone!

The Enthralling Christmas at the mall started with the Launch of S.O.S Pine of Hope on Nov 23 2012, as the audiences were entertained by performances by Liang, the winner of AIM 2008 for Best Engineered Album and Best Album Design, a Radio DJ and the ambassador for StART Society. Together with the children from City Revival Children’s Homes, they sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

Sunway Pyramid had also collaborated with GRIM Film to bring more awareness to the plight of the underprivileged children, by producing a truly moving video, on celebrating Christmas without the loved ones. The video was specially crafted in the aid of the City Revival Children’s Homes and StART Society.

During the Enthralling Christmas celebration, Sunway Pyramid also brought the children from the City Revival Children’s Homes to watch Beauty & the Beast The Musical, held in Sunway Lagoon. The children had a great time getting up close and personal with the characters like Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, Mrs Potts, Chip and others.

As Christmas was celebrated in much cheer and happiness, the underprivileged children were certainly not left behind, as evident in the efforts of S.O.S Pine of Hope and Christmas Buskers. Performing good deeds or any act of kindness for their betterment is highly called for, as Sunway Pyramid shoppers would be constantly reminded of.

Winds of Fortune 2013 Launch

The Winds of Fortune has landed in Sunway Pyramid

Step back in time when you are in Sunway Pyramid’s LG1 Concourse where you can see a replica of a Chinese junk, the Sha-Chuan, docking at Fortune Harbour. The Chinese junk has arrived just in time before the official launch of the Chinese New Year celebration in the mall.

The launch was officiated by Dato’ Ngeow Voon Yean, Managing Director of Sunway Group – Property Investment Division. Also in the launch were the Some Of uS Campaign ‘Food for Thoughts’ ambassadors and celebrities Xandria Ooi, Chermaine Poo, Liang and comedian Joanne Kam.

VIPs launched Winds of Fortune at LG1 Pyramid Concourse

The set-up in the Concourse brings all shoppers back to the 1870s during the golden ages of modern Chinese when goods were transported via water route in business transactions between merchants and traders. The junk in fact has a history that is dated back in 770 to 446 BC, during the Spring and Autumn Period where the 40 feet tall and 40 feet wide Chinese junk made from solid wood originated from the Jiangsu Province. Through the tide of time, the Sha-Chuan has earned its many names, first as a sand-proof flat-bottom ship during the Song Dynasty, a flat-bottom ship in the Yuan Dynasty and finally the ‘sand ship’ during the Ming Dynasty.

Dato’ Ngeow, accompanied by HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Shopping Malls and Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Shopping Malls entered the Fortune Harbour and walked towards the jetty leading to the Sha Chuan where the Chinese New Year celebration was launched.

The magnificent Sunway Junk Ship

Surrounding the concourse are soft willow trees, red lanterns cascading from the top of the junk and nearby the junk a boat. Laid scattered around the junk’s deck are sacks, crates and wooden barrels.

“The festive season is a time to celebrate and also to share our local culture with people from all over the world. As Malaysia’s favourite tourist destination, Sunway Pyramid, which has a total of 45 million visitors each year, has many festive attractions including decorations that extend throughout the mall and outside where its iconic streetlights also carry the junk concept. The mall is also vibrant with festive activities during this festive season,” said HC Chan.

“This year, we take on a unique approach for the Chinese New Year celebration to wish all shoppers a smooth sailing journey of prosperity into the year 2013. A Chinese junk is a symbol of wealth because it is a mode of transportation that carries goods for trading and explores a world of possibilities. Let us journey together into this exciting year with enthusiasm and hopes for prosperity, fortune and longevity.”

During the festive season, the mall also gives to the underprivileged and to those in need. Xandria and her celebrity friends, Chermaine, Liang and Joanne gave their ‘Food for Thoughts’ to explain what this campaign is all about and shared what is their food consumption experience is like before they donated some food to the food bank. All proceeds go to Jumble Station, a community outreach initiative which aimed to help single parents and the underprivileged. To date, the non-profit organisation provides support for 80 to 100 families residing in the regions of Klang Valley, Subang Mewah, Cheras and Klang on a regular basis ranging from food, clothing and home appliances to job placement opportunities.


Dato Ngeow accompanied by Leona and Chermaine Poo giving out good bags to single parents from Jumble Station

Shoppers who want to donate food such as instant noodles, instant beverages, oats, milk powder, crackers, cooking oil, salt, sugar, pasta and canned food to the food bank can do so from 11 January – 24 February in front of Cold Storage and AEON Supermarket, located at LG2.

During the Chinese New Year celebration in the mall, shoppers can expect various activities in conjunction with the festive season such as lion dance, Spring Flower Market, Sand Bottle Workshop, Calligraphy Workshop, the Shanghai Tang Dance, Sunway Pyramid mascots, Leo and Leona Walkabout and many more.

Shanghai Tang Dance Performance during the launch of Winds of Fortune

Shoppers who spend in the mall are also rewarded this festive season.
When they spend RM250 in 1 receipt (RM100 for Citibank Credit Cardmembers), they can redeem angpow packets while those who spend RM800 in 2 receipts RM600 for Citibank Credit Cardmembers) can redeem both a treasure box and angpow packets.

Shoppers who spend RM150 in 1 receipt (RM100 for Citibank Credit Cardmembers) are entitled to participate in the ‘Shanghai Beauty’ Photo Contest where all they need to do is, after verifying the receipt, strike a pose at the Concourse with Shanghai Tang dynasty props, have their pictures taken by a professional photographer and email their photo to stand a chance to fly to Shanghai for a 5D 4N trip + accommodation + a half-day tour for 2 pax. worth RM10,000.

The launch of the Winds of Fortune was made possible thanks to business partners and sponsors, Citibank, Sunway Travel, A-Saloon, Oriental Noble, AEON, Cold Storage and Kechara.

With such exciting time in store at Sunway Pyramid, ensure you get your dose of unique shopping adventure at Sunway Pyramid where you can find exciting choices from 800 outlets, 160 of which offers local and international F&B offerings.


Chinese New Year is a time for families to reunite, along with receiving ‘ang pows’, launching fireworks and wearing new outfits. But one cannot deny that FEASTING together is an important part of the celebration!  😉

Well, did you know that the festive season would be incomplete without the traditional dish like ‘pen cai’, also known as ‘poon choy’ in Cantonese OR ‘Big Bowl Feast’??? And why so???

Originally from Hong Kong, ‘pen cai’, which literally means ‘vegetables in a basin’ is an indulgent affair where layers of ingredients are braised in a fragrant gravy. Customarily eaten during Chinese New Year, this festive casserole hotpot dish symbolizes prosperity and abundance.

To all you foodies out there, indulge your taste buds in this scrumptious Chinese treat from CANTON-i!


This dish consists of Braised Premium Chilean Abalone, Sea cucumber, Japanese Dried Oysters, Premium mushrooms, ‘Pantai Remis’ fresh sea prawns and many more!!!! Are you drooling already??? haha! Even better news for Hong Leong Bank Credit Cardmembers, as you get to enjoy RM50 off! OR if you’re cracking your head on what to buy for your loved ones this festive season, fret not, coz CANTON-i has Treasure Pot Cash Voucher for you! 😉

Apart from this festive dish, do also check out CANTON-i’ s wanton mee. Who could resist this? A bowl of well made wanton noodles that glides smoothly into your mouth, and so springy that they bounce up and down on the tip of your tongue. OHhhhhh.. speaking of the sunny smell of eggs too *drools*. Not forgetting the succulent prawn wontons and pork belly, which we may say a match made in gastronomic heaven?  Now thissssss.. you gotta try it yourself!

Wonton Noodles with Jumbo Prawn Wonton in Soup
Wonton Noodles with Jumbo Prawn Wonton in Soup

Any Char-roast Goose lovers out there? Here in CANTON-i is where you can try the exquisite Hong Kong-style roast goose. Using charcoal fire, the high, consistent heat of the glowing embers browns and crisps the skin on the outside and lightly chars the edges of the goose meat, while sealing in the juices. HHmmmmmmmm yummeh!

Traditional Char-roast Goose
Traditional Char-roast Goose

Now introducing to you the all time family favorite… Steamed Mr.Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste! Not only are they cute…but they are delicious and attractive and soft! soft pastry that is 😉 Simply irresistible!

Steamed Mr.Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste

Egg tarts can be everyone’s favorite, however it’s not an easy task to hunt for delicious ones. Is ‘crispy pastry, with smooth textured filling’ enough to define delicious? If yes, then these traditional  Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts is for you. The freshly baked with strong fragrance egg tarts can be almost gone in 2 bites! How about that??? haha.

CANTON-i Signature Egg Tarts
CANTON-i Signature Egg Tarts

As many of us know, congee is an extremely delicious rice porridge that is eaten in many Asian countries. Not only is it a delicious dish, but it is also nutritious and easy on the stomach. And this congee that we would like to introduce from CANTON-i, has already existed since the Qing Dynasty. What makes this congee extra special? It’s non other than the ingredients! They include bird nest, abalone, prawn, chicken meat and scallop!!!!  The original flavor of these ingredients is all tasted in the congee……….How could one even resist this…….

Supreme Congee
Supreme Congee

Let’s head on down to CANTON-i for that authentic Chinese cuisine experience!


CANTON-i, G1.112, Sunway Pyramid