Warm, flaky pastries and delightful desserts @ St. Marc Cafe

The smell of freshly baked croissants wafts through the air while soothing music plays in the background…

That’s when you know you’ve stepped into the first St. Marc Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, subtly located on Ground Floor, just adjacent to the Blue Atrium.


Known for their signature Chococro – which stands for Chocolate Croissants, the cafe currently serves over 20 types of freshly-baked pastries, dessert and coffee selections.


If you’re a fan of banana and chocolate, try the limited edition Banana Chococro version, which is currently exclusively available in Malaysia & Singapore. For Caramel fans, the Chelsea Chococro is right up your alley with a sinfully indulgent caramel and chocolate combination.


To maintain freshness, all croissants are baked fresh at a minimal amount and kept on the shelf for a maximum of 4 hours.

Coming soon in October/November 2016 – the Matcha Chococro which is sure to tempt your tastebuds.


If you prefer the savoury croissants, dig into this delightful Chicken Cheese Croissant – stuffed with cream cheese and ham – the perfect breakfast pick!


Not a fan of croissants?

This chicken egg salsa bun is made with premium dough and topped with ham & salsa sauce, a whole egg and cracked black pepper.


To complement the pastries, the cafe uses extra dark roast coffee beans from Italy for a full bodied taste with low acidity.


If you’ve never heard of a Hot Chocolate Affogato…you’re in for a treat!

We thoroughly enjoyed this perfect combination of smooth vanilla ice cream, almond flakes and comforting hot chocolate in every mouthful.


Staying true to it’s Japanese roots, St. Marc Cafe also offers a plethora of dessert options – from Fuji Ice Cream which uses a butter croissant as the base to Parfaits, Shaved Ice and Waffle Cones.


Fuji is available in 5 varieties and features a generous helping of soft-serve vanilla ice cream and your choice of drizzle and toppings (caramel, red bean, matcha, berry and mango).


If you prefer something a bit closer to childhood, these waffle cones are served in mango, strawberry, chocolate rocky (hazelnut) and caramel crunch varieties.


Fancy a colourful Parfait?

Each cup is generously layered with spongecake, ice cream and fresh toppings for a truly satisfying dessert experience.


Do stay tuned to St. Marc’s Facebook page as they will be launching several pasta dishes in October 2016, available for lunch and dinner! We’re extremely enticed to try their first-in-Malaysia mochi pasta, made with mochi dough!

St. Marc Cafe is located at G1.107, Sunway Pyramid.


Thanks to the generous people at St. Marc Cafe, 10 winners will chosen to win a St. Marc dessert voucher (you can select any dessert from the menu)!

Simply tell us in the comments section below: What is Chococro?

*Note: Due to the system’s comment filters, it might take up to 15-30 mins for your comment to appear. Thank you for your patience!


  • Contest period: 29 September – 16 October 2016
  • Limited to one (1) entry per participant.
  • Kindly provide a valid email address when commenting.
  • By providing your details, you agree that you have read the Personal Data Protection Notice (also posted on http://www.sunway.com.my/group/privacy.asp) and agree to the processing of my personal information in accordance with the Notice.
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48 thoughts on “Warm, flaky pastries and delightful desserts @ St. Marc Cafe

  1. Chococro simply stands for Chocolate Croissants! Can’t wait to indulge the mouth watering limited edition Banana Chococro version because i’m a huge fan of banana and chocolate! Winning this will definitely make my day because desserts have never failed to make everything better. ❤

  2. Chococro is stands for Chocolate Croissants! I would like to try the coming soon Chocoro – Matcha Chococro because I like Matcha very much!

  3. Chococro stands for Chocolate Croissants!
    Matching two of my favourite food in one, it’s the heavenly taste anyone couldn’t resist.

  4. Chocolate croissants! All that lovely chocolatey chocolate that simply oozes out when you take a bite out of the flaky, still warm and buttery croissant shell. Love (or should I say..lust?) at first sight!

  5. Chocolate embedded Croissant>>CHOCOCRO<<! Origins from Japs? That's creative!
    Salty & Sweet at the same time…gonna be my Taste.


  6. Chocolate croissants – croissants with a delightful chocolatey twist to it! You have to try it to appreciate the freshness and the rich chocolate taste. Top it off with the extra dark roast coffee beans and you have something that is really out of this world!

  7. Chococro simply stands for Chocolate Croissants :). I would like to try fuji ice cream as this is one of the kind desserts not available in most cafe.

  8. Chococro stands for chocolate croissant! Can’t stand to wait any longer. The combination just makes my mouth waters!

  9. Chococro = Chocolate croissant
    Pastry & chocolate …
    Excite my palate
    Sinful but simply beautiful
    How can I not drool …

  10. Chococro. is the Chocolate Croissants, a signature of St. Marc Café. Freshly serve every 4 hours and delightfully delicious! It comes in many varieties too!

  11. Chococro is the flaky, buttery and smooth creamy chocolate croissant that will simply melt in your mouth. Great dessert anytime, anyday.

  12. Chocoro means Chocolate Croissant which giving a great temptation by their crispy flaky pastries with delicious chocolate in variety of flavours to choose from.

  13. I pass by chOcOcrO always in a hurry everyday, would love to slow down my pace to savour St Marc’s chocoloate croissant, happy that I have spelt it effortlessly 🙂

  14. chococro means chocolate croissants, the first ever yummy chocolate
    pastry I ever had. Light and flaky that melts in your mouth.

  15. Thank you everyone for joining the contest. Congratulations for the winners, we will see you around in St.Marc Cafe, looking forward to serve you.

    Please support us by liking our Facebook page “Saint Marc Cafe Malaysia” and follow us on Instagram “chococromy”.

    General Manager
    St.Marc Cafe Malaysia

      1. We have contacted the winners personally! 🙂 These are our lucky winners:

        Effendy Choong
        Ho Gan Sum
        Jackie Ching
        LAW CHOI WAN
        Ling (Huey Ling)
        Miriam Goh
        Nurulhuda Hashim
        Patricia Mook
        Sim Chiau Yi

        Congrats to all who joined! Do stay tuned for more contests coming up soon!

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