Did you know? Top 6 Cool & Quirky things you can find in Sunway Pyramid

Hidden in the shadows of the majestic lion head….lies a barrage of treasure to be discovered!

From nifty peeing devices to collectible puzzle pieces, we reveal to you: Top 6 Cool and Quirky things you can find in Sunway Pyramid!

PicMonkey Collage

1. Maggi Kari pouches!

Do your part in conserving the environment, organize your stuff & show off your love for Nescafe with these uber cool repurposed pouches! Designed & handsewn by Leishar Designs, these handy dandy pouches are lovingly repurposed from Malaysian snack & drink crowd favourites like Milo, Cheezels, Quaker Oats and more!

Available from RM7 onwards at Supermart Collective, Asian Avenue.

Warning: hunger pangs might ensue.


Photo via Healthworks.my
Photo via Healthworks.my

2. Go Girl – Your Ultimate Peeing Solution

Girls…when it comes to dirty toilets, we simply can’t take it – sitting down OR standing up.

And that is why we were fascinated to stumble upon Go Girl, a nifty peeing device designed for awkward situations when a toilet is nowhere to be found. Essentially, it allows us to pee, like a man in the wilderness. (cue ‘If I were a boy…’)

Grab a Go Girl from Ecoventure, F Floor @ RM68 (the store is offering 20% off for a limited time!)


3. Outrageous Lashes

Multi-coloured feathers, lace, and even paper – on your lashes? Say what?

If you want to not-so-subtly enhance your peepers, you’ve got the right place. Who knew that delicate paper lashes could be so intriguing?

Flutter up @ Lash Bar, Asian Avenue from RM10 onwards.


4. Star Wars Reflective Cap!

Don’t judge a cap by it’s colour – in this case, a reflective cap! Emblazoned with Star Wars logos and symbols, the cap takes on a whole different force when you switch off the lights.

Who needs lightsabers? Go into battle with your own cap, available from RM189+ @ Urban Tee, Asian Avenue!


5. Malaysia Commemorative RM1 Coins!

Heads or tails? If you are an avid coin collector, you would definitely want to take a look at this collection. Featuring coins from 1969 – 1986 including the 1971 Rancangan Malaysia Ketiga UNC Coin, 1986 35th Annual PATA Conference coin and 1971 Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Commemorative Coin.

Even if you’re not a collector, there’s no harm catching a rare glimpse of the unique designs & backstories to these coins!

Available at Cubix, Asian Avenue from RM500+.



6. Coca-Cola ‘Classic Signs’ 2,000 Pieces Puzzle 

Fizzy, refreshing and sweet, what’s not to love about Coca-Cola?
We found this limited edition box of 2,000 puzzle pieces stashed in My Puzzle House, featuring a collage of vintage Coca-Cola signs to show-off your affection for this addictive drink. Time to roll up those sleeves and get cracking (or chugging)!

Available at My Puzzle House, Asian Avenue from RM200+.



BONUS: Retro Pop Art!

Ingrain and encapsulate your favourite character in these retro art frames forever! We recommend adding in a quote & hanging these around the room or office for much-needed support and inspiration through tough times.

Available at Retro ETC, Asian Avenue from RM70 onwards!

So go forth and embrace your inner quirkiness!
Love, Lion & the starry-eyed Pyramid team.


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